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February 5th Zodiac. As an Aquarius born on February 5th, your personality is defined by an honest and imaginative nature. Air is the elemental pair of the Aquarius and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element.

What have you brought into your life since last August? What have you released in order to invite positive transformation and change? Venus moves into Pisces on February 10, heralding a mushy month ahead. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is known for its incredible imagination and otherworldly charm. This tender constellation is associated with kindness, compassion, and karmic transcendence, so when amorous Venus glides into Pisces, expect a showering of affection in your life. Together, they support high levels of intimacy and artistic harmony.

As the most innovative and progressive sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is interested in much more than romantic love.

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Aquarius is symbolized by the altruistic water bearer, who bestows life upon the land and reminds us that the flow of generosity sustains our most precious relationships. Solar eclipses occur during new moons, and while new moons gently guide us into the next chapter, eclipses prompt more radical change.

Pisces season kicks off with Mercury and the sun gliding into this watery constellation on February 17 and 18, respectively. Pisces energy mirrors the ocean: It glitters with potential, but it can be mystifying, too. On a clear day, the sparkling sea reveals a sweeping horizon of limitless possibilities. The water is clear and aquatic life swims freely just below the surface, reminding us of everlasting vitality.

When the fog rolls in, the expanse begins to change.

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The sea fuses with the sky, confounding fantasy and reality. Waves grow fierce, and the ocean transforms into an inky, black abyss of secrecy.

When visibility is low in Pisces season, we must rely on intuition to navigate. Over the last 10 days of February, the sun, Venus, and Mercury —the planet that governs communication — will all dwell in Pisces. During this time, our psychic abilities will be majorly amplified. Communication will become increasingly nonverbal, and we will prefer to express ourselves through the arts, especially music. Protect yourself by setting clear boundaries and carving out plenty of time for self-care.

February 10 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Satiate your inner-mermaid by drinking tons of water, soaking in the tub regularly, and getting lots of sleep Pisces loves to dream. Click through to your full February horoscope below, and enjoy the month's vibes, cosmic warriors. The January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo sends shock waves across the axis of your fifth and eleventh houses, the areas of your chart that govern creativity and community, respectively.

Are your ambitions conflicting with your friendships? Read your full February horoscope here. On February 10, a golden Leo lunar eclipse in your moneymaking sector spotlights an achievement that pays off. Later, an inspiring Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 motivates you to do something totally out of your comfort zone. Look back on what you accomplished during the Leo lunar eclipse and let that be your fuel.

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Your sign is a natural foodie, so treat yourself or someone special to an unforgettable meal. Bonus points if it includes an aphrodisiac, like chocolate or hot peppers. You love being seen, and on February 10, a lunar eclipse in your sign puts you in your natural habitat—the spotlight. When the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, you turn up the makeover ante. Pisces is in your transformation zone, so this is powerful stuff.

Under the spiritual Pisces solar eclipse, you dig up old sexual baggage and kick it to the curb. Your Power Product : Something golden.

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Your sign glows in the most precious of metals, so adorn yourself or your home with flashy trinkets and gilded fabrics. This month starts off on a high note as your ruling planet, Mercury, takes up residence in your organization sector. Your editing instincts are killer, so put them to good use eliminating anything that might be keeping you from functioning at full capacity. On February 10, a Leo lunar eclipse in your dreams sector encourages you to use mystical methods to reach your goals. Crystals, anyone? When Mercury moves into Pisces on February 25, your love life gets a boost when you decide to share your feelings with a lover.

This vibe especially potent under the Pisces solar eclipse the following day. Your Power Product: Rose quartz.

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A few days later, on February 10, a Leo lunar eclipse in your networking zone brings flashy opportunities from your community. People in high places are watching your work, so act accordingly! Finally, a Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 lights up your health zone, reminding you that self-care is just as important as play.

Rest up! Your Power Product: Massage oil. Later, on February 26, the last in a series of Pisces eclipses lights up your pleasure sector. Use this as an empowering touchstone for inspiration, both professional and— ahem —personal. The same area of your horoscope rules sex, so use that to amplify your personal magnetism. Later in the month, on February 26, a Pisces solar eclipse in your kindred spirit sector brings magical news from a close friend.

Lean into it and come out refreshed.

February 10 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

Your Power Product: A silk scarf. Fifty Shades of Grey , anyone? From friends to love interests, everyone wants to be in your orbit. On February 10, a glamorous Leo lunar eclipse helps you sweep the object of your affections off their feet.